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Want to Know Everything about El Gordo?

Finally have all of your questions about El Gordo, the biggest lottery in the world, answered here.

El Gordo is a game of owning the ticket with the right number. So to play it online, you choose your ticket number by choosing your five numbers anywhere from 00000 to 99999 (which are the regular ticket numbers in El Gordo lottery) and wait for the draw to see what you’ve won.

The draw takes place on December 22nd every year.

You have won a prize if the numbers you’ve placed a bet on are the same as the numbers on winning tickets drawn in the official lottery.

Results for the great El Gordo are known immediately after the public and televised draw takes place on December 22nd, but you can also always jump on our Results Checker to see what the winning numbers are.

When you play El Gordo, you can win the biggest prize, the jackpot, but also 1,807 other prizes! With its biggest prize pool in history, currently standing at 2,31 billion dollars, El Gordo is also the lottery with the best odds in the world, the lottery where more than 10 percent of all players win bigger prizes.

For complete prize table and odds breakdown go to our About El Gordo page.

For every winning combination our associated partner guarantee you’ll win the same prize offered in the official lottery.

With a system bet you can bet with more than the standard amount of numbers, therefore increasing your chances of winning exponentially. To engage the System Bet simply click on additional numbers beyond the regular amount of required numbers.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

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