Play El Gordo

You have heard all about El Gordo and would like to finally be a part of the famous Spanish Christmas Lottery? Well, now you finally have a chance and you don’t even have to go to Spain to buy a ticket. Instead, you can now play it here, on, through betting or buying a ticket online.

Let us first explain how betting on El Gordo works. To play El Gordo lottery you have to purchase a ticket, or one tenth of a ticket, or even a smaller fraction, one tenth of a tenth of a ticket and wait for December 22nd to see if you’ve got the winning numbers. The El Gordo draw takes place in Madrid, in a pretty spectacular manner: there are two spheres on stage, one holding 100,000 ticket numbers and the other one holding the names of the prizes. They are drawn simultaneously and sung out by two children. There is an incredible volume of prizes and they vary through the years, but the biggest prize pool was a staggering 2,31 billion Euros! Also, usually more than 10% of all tickets win a prize, which makes El Gordo the lottery with best odds in the world. If you’d like to buy a ticket, you can do it here

There is almost no difference in playing when you place an El Gordo bet: you are betting on winning numbers, by playing the game by the official El Gordo rules.

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To enter El Gordo, you choose your ticket number by picking five numbers anywhere from 00000 to 99999 (which are the regular ticket numbers in El Gordo) and wait for the draw to see what you’ve won. If you choose the winning combination, you’ll win the same amount of money as people who have bought the physical winning ticket either through us or an outlet. The only difference between betting on El Gordo and buying the physical ticket is in the organizations paying you out – if you are playing with us, you’ll be paid out by us here at The same applies if you buy a ticket through us, so the options are endless.

Since the game is the same, many people chose to do both: bet and buy a ticket, doubling their winnings if their lucky numbers are drawn.

El Gordo brings people together, making dreams come true and bringing joy to the lives of people throughout Spain since 1812. And now you can also participate in that by placing a bet on the result online or buying the ticket online. You’ll see, there’s a certain magic in the air when you play El Gordo so try it today and become a part of a one big happy winning family.

But, we’ve saved the best for last: you don’t have to wait a whole year to play El Gordo. Or more precisely, you can still try to win big prizes while waiting to play El Gordo: through playing another lottery in the El Gordo family, called El Gordo De La Primitiva. Also popular throughout Spain, La Primitiva takes place every Sunday, and you can also bet on its result or buy the ticket with us. To do so you must choose five (or up to 11) numbers out of 1 to 54 and one more number out of 0 to 9 and have a chance to win one of the eight prizes. The biggest one, perfect match of 5+1, wins a guaranteed minimum amount of five million Euros! Let’s start playing!