Can You Force A Lottery Win Solely Through Believing?

Sure, you’ve most probably heard about this thing called Law of Attraction, you’ve possibly even read The Secret when it was at its peak popularity. But if you are on the more skeptic end of the psychology spectrum, you are probably disregarding it as a scam or a pseudoscience. Which is completely fine.

Hunger Hormone is A Key To Your Lottery Win

But have you heard about a mind over a milkshakes experiment? It was a part of a study done in 2011 that explored how what we think impacts our ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin is a gut peptide that basically makes us want to eat and is at its peak when we are very hungry. That is why you’ll also often hear people call it the “hunger hormone” – it will stay high until you eat, and then it will finally start dropping, signaling your brain you’ve had enough.

So, the logical way to think about it would be: when there are actions in our bodies that involve our involuntary nervous system, there isn’t much we can do to impact it, right? Wrong. The study in question showed one staggering fact: that what we think can affects our hormones. (And consequently possibly even our potential lottery win).

Mind Over Everything

In a mind over milkshakes experiment two groups of people were given two types of milkshakes (at least to their knowledge). The first group was told it was given a 620-calorie “indulgent” shake, while the other group was told they were given a 140-calories “sensible” shake. The ghrelin decline in the first group was very steep after drinking the shake, while drinking the “sensible” shake showed a flat ghrelin response. But, as you’ve probably guessed: in reality both groups were given the same 380-calorie shake.

Isn’t that mind-blowing? There isn’t much to believe in or not believe in here, really, there is no pseudoscience here either. It’s a simple experiment that basically proved that if we think we are eating something, it directly correlates with a certain hormone level. It proved that we are what we think and that we create our own reality, at least to a much higher extent than an average person thinks. So why not put that fact to a good use?

What to Believe In

This experiment isn’t far from the placebo affect or even far from the saying “Fake it till you make it”. Of course, there are parts of each of these premises that are questionable, but the fact that there is far more in our hands than we are willing to admit is undeniable.

So, how can you make a lottery win your milkshake in a sense? Well, you don’t have to drink the whole law-of-attraction Kood-Aid, but maybe it’s time you start reconsidering just how much your thoughts have an impact on your reality. In other words, you should be convinced your lottery win is on the way, and you are really increasing your chances that way. Dismiss the bad thoughts and doubts and it will happen sooner than you think.

Just don’t forget you still have to play to win, it won’t manifest itself out of a thin air. At least yet.

Would You Survive Your Lotto Win?

How often do you daydream about the moment you experience your first big lotto win? If we are any alike, then at least once a day.

Reactions You Should Consider After a Lotto Win

But have you reached the conclusion about how you’d actually feel in the moment? Internet is full of lucky winners’ reactions right after their lotto win, and you’ll mostly see it’s a very joyous occasion, people laughing, screaming, and crying with happiness. Just recently one lucky winner from Canada said he was even having trouble catching breath: “It is very hard to put into words what my first thought was. I can tell you I could barely breathe”, he admitted.

On the other hand, one unusual reaction became viral, because the man, who had won more than £76 million, was as chilled as possible. He basically phoned the National lottery saying he “thinks he’s won a few quid” and after getting the confirmation those “few quid” were in fact £76 million, he just added: “Yeah…”. You can listen to his hilarious reaction here.

Don’t Be a Jack Whittaker

But there are also different kinds of stories. For instance, Jack Whittaker, one of the most famous lotto winners who won $315 million through Powerball on Christmas morning in 2002 said: “I just was [at] a loss for words and advice. You know, I was really searching for advice, and it’s, like, Christmas Day.” And his words were pretty ominous since he later turned out to be one of the most tragic lotto winners, claiming he wishes he’d torn the ticket because everybody around him was so consumed with greed.

Don’t let that scare you, though. Simply don’t be Jack Whittaker and let his story be a lesson: be prepared for your lotto win. Don’t make hasty decisions right after the win, even if you are in a state of shock (which you probably will be). That is easier said than done, so remember these words now: wait for the storm to blow over before you make any big moves, the money will still be there after the initial shock (unless you do the exact opposite of what we suggest).

It Might be Hard, but we Just Gave You the Tools

On the other hand, we are not here to ask for the impossible, and no matter how hard you try, there is no way you can emotionally (or comprehensively) prepare yourself for that exact moment you win at least for what you’ll say and how you’ll react and feel. But, you can at least be aware of the fact that it will be a unique and overwhelming experience and try and remember that when the time comes.  

Also, be prepared that people will want money from you, there is no avoiding that. It is up to you how you’ll approach this since it depends on so many variables, but one other winner, Sandra Hayes, claims discipline is the key when it comes to surviving your lotto win. And even though it might seem counter-intuitive to you, hear her out: “I know a lot of people who won the lottery and are broke today,” she said. “If you’re not disciplined, you will go broke. I don’t care how much money you have.”

Best Advice There Is

Her advice coincides with both our advice and general advice you’ll hear from diverse financial experts: pace yourself, keep quiet, build a strategy (find a financial adviser) and learn how to say “no”.

It’s not that hard, you must admit, at least it doesn’t seem so. We’ll let you know how hard it really is once we pocket our huge lotto win. You can do it also, just play today.

How Should a Lotto Winner Handle Their Money

You’ve been playing lotto for years, and have been fantasizing about winning huge amounts of that life changing money, and now it has finally happened, you are a lotto winner! But, what now? How should you behave, what should you do with your money?

Now That You Are A Lotto Winner, You Should Know This

You’ll probably say “Oh, that’s easy”, but you’d be wrong. Sure, it might be easy to spend it (depending on the amount you won), but the question is, how to be smart about it. It’s also very possible you don’t even get many good ideas in general; after all of these years dreaming about it and living sparsely, once it finally happens it might be quite overwhelming. Well, that’s why we are here: and we brought help – other lotto winners.

Just think about it. What would you really, pragmatically and step-by-step do if you’d won, for instance, one BILLION dollars, just like one happy person did at the beginning of this year, or perhaps the main prize in El Gordo, which also is a very impressive amount? First of all, would you choose a one-time payment or annual payments? Those are all valid questions when you become a lotto winner, so you had better start thinking about the answers.

Before You Bathe In Champagne…

While you do that, we’ll tell you what would be the smart thing to do (besides bathing in a pool full of Dom Perignon). First of all, don’t be scared of a lotto curse. Stories about people who were “cursed” after becoming filthy reach due to a lottery win are nothing other than stories about people who couldn’t handle their money. So, good thing you are here.

Secondly, don’t forget to cover the basics first: don’t forget that you will still need good people around you, because money isn’t everything, so just skip becoming a douche. Also, don’t forget that, even though your winnings may be very big, possibly even incomprehensible, they probably won’t give you a bottomless pit, unless you make sure it does.

In other words, after you’d paid off your debts if you have some, it would be a good thing you invest a portion of your money. There are some quirky suggestions out there, but if you are completely new to big money, it would be wise you ask for some help: a regular financial adviser would do, or if you can’t help but be lavish, you can always pay to meet someone very successful with money: Richard Branson, for instance, would be a nice someone to pick their brain.

Smart Investments

Another good idea would be to invest in your kids if you have them. Set up trust funds, college funds, or whatever other funds your financial adviser suggests. They would probably say you invest into blooming businesses, sports teams, technology, cryptocurrency, hedge funds or stocks, but you really shouldn’t be doing that on your own: now that you have the money, pay other people to make more money for you.

After you cover that boring stuff, though, it’s time to have fun: buy houses for yourself (that’s another great way to invest) and don’t forget people who have been nice to you through life. Buy cars if you’re into that kind of machinery. Dig deep into your childhood and release your tucked away dreams: go traveling (maybe to space with your buddy Branson), get a crazy hobby (or should we call it “a new way of life”), get a personal shopper, a chef, a trainer, a private jet, an island, or whatever else rocks your boat.

What Goes Around Comes Around

At the end, don’t forget to do some good, too. Find a charity or a cause you’d like to help, and offer the hand to those in need. What goes around comes around, plus all of the wealthy players do it, and now you’re part of the gang.

All that’s left to do now, is play and win. Do it today!